We have a big mission based on a simple idea: to improve the way Canadians engage with the issues they care about.

GoodTalk is partnering with CBC News to bring you a new video commenting tool. See what everyone is saying on top CBC stories, record your own video comment, and even get featured on CBC News.

Our voices are needed

At a time when our voices have never been more important, GoodTalk wants to give Canadians a better way to be seen and heard on the issues that matter most to all of us.

The medium is the message

GoodTalk is about engaging online in a way that feels more compelling and expressive. Video gives us this chance – the power to tell our stories like no other online format.

We’re creating an environment for discourse that’s both stimulating and safe, where creativity will be welcome but trolls will not.

Citizens weighing in on top CBC News stories, and helping shape them instead of just passively consuming? We think that’s an idea whose time has come.

Want to know more?

Find answers to your questions in FAQ and BE SEEN.