Be Seen

GoodTalk doesn’t just want you to submit video comments as a concerned citizen – we want you to get recognized for your wit and wisdom. That’s what these video comments are all about.

We hope you’ll feel extra incentive to submit comments knowing you can get recognized for making people think, laugh, or just reconsider their opinion.

Places you’ll Be Seen

First, on this website. Every video that gets approved will appear in the “showcase” of video comments on the featured CBC story of the day.

Second, through sharing. Anyone can share any video – whether their own or someone else’s. Get seen on Facebook, twitter… maybe even go viral. (Note: videos shared from the Create page become viewable as soon as the moderators approve them)

Last but definitely not least, on CBC TV. CBC Manitoba will choose one or more video comments from featured stories to show on CBC News.

Making better videos

See the handy tips we provide in FAQ.