What is GoodTalk?

GoodTalk is an online engagement tool designed to allow media audiences to watch and create short video comments about web articles. GoodTalk is partnering with CBC News to test this tool out with stories originating from its newsroom in Manitoba. CBC Manitoba picks featured stories for GoodTalk comments and may promote them online, on TV and radio. Each featured story is open for video comment submission for 24 hours.

All approved comments appear on the GoodTalk website and some may be featured on CBC TV. They can also be shared on social media.

Where is GoodTalk happening?

We’re testing out GoodTalk through daily featured stories chosen by CBC Manitoba but the site and stories can be accessed from anywhere, and anyone can submit and watch video comments.

Our goal is to learn what people like and dislike about GoodTalk, make improvements, and expand it to a wider CBC audience nationally.

How are the videos chosen? Are there standards for approval?

Every video comment submitted gets reviewed by an actual human being as quickly as possible to make sure it meets the CBC’s Submission Guidelines before being approved.

We’ll do our best to ensure no offensive video comments slip through the cracks and to keep the culture of GoodTalk positive and respectful.

Will people know it’s me or is it anonymous?

All approved video comments will show the submitting commenter’s image and likeness (i.e. face) and, as required by CBC rules, their full name. This is done to minimize the abusive trolling that often accompanies anonymous written comments.

We also think this makes for better quality videos – people tend to be nicer and more accountable when they can be seen by others.

If you’re uncomfortable with your face and full name appearing on the website, being shared and possibly ending up on CBC TV, please do not submit a video comment.

What kind of videos are we looking for?

All different kinds. Funny, thoughtful, provocative, offbeat, musical, controversial, indoor, outdoor, one person or more. You can be sitting on your couch or on the scene of a riot. If you have something to say, this is your place.

What kind of videos will get blocked?

Please be nice. There’s no point in submitting something abusive, offensive or obscene – it will just get blocked by the vetters and no one will see it.

Per the Submission Guidelines, if a video is offensive, abusive, racist, sexist, threatening, or has obscene content of any kind, it’s not making the cut.

Trolling and abusive behaviour online is really hard to prevent, especially in comments. But we hope you’ll help create a place where uncivil behaviour is shunned.

Can video comments be shared?

Yes, by Facebook, Twitter and email. This is one of the main ways comments can “Be Seen.” Anyone can share any video, their own or someone else’s. (Note: videos shared from the Create page become viewable as soon as the moderators approve them)

How are the videos ranked, rated, ordered?

By up-voting and down-voting the comments, GoodTalk users determine the order in which the video comments appear on the video showcase for each daily story. You can vote once per video comment.

We think this helps democratize the process. It will also help push better videos to the front of the line (where more people will see them) and distasteful, negative ones to the back.

Tips on making better videos

Here some tips for making your video comment as good as it can be.

  1. Be conscious of time
    The maximum video duration is 60 seconds. There’s no minimum, and no optimal length. You’ll see a timer counting down on screen while you record.
  2. Always hold your phone horizontally
    If filming from your phone, hold it horizontally to give your video the best display format.
  3. Try to pay attention to lighting and sound
    We’re not looking for Spielberg or Scorsese, but this makes a difference.
  4. Read the CBC article you’re commenting on
    Be sure to actually read the featured story on which you’re video-commenting.

Can I report videos I think are offensive? Can I get a video taken down?

Please write to [email protected] if you think you’ve seen an offensive video, want to report abuse, have a complaint or concern, or if you think a video needs to be taken down.

Videos will only be taken down for very good cause. And if you’re unsure whether you want to submit your own video or not, you probably shouldn’t. Remember that by submitting you’re giving permission for your video (and your face and name) to appear on the site, be shared and possibly appear on CBC TV.

I’m not seeing my video on the site. How come?

If your video isn’t appearing in the showcase for the CBC story on which you commented, it may not have been approved yet. Please give the moderators a bit longer and check again real soon. Note: you’ll get an email notifying you once it’s been approved... or if it didn’t make it past the Submission Guidelines. (Also, videos submitted from late at night through early morning won’t be vetted until around breakfast time.)